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Volunteer Positions

The Hurricanes Swim Team relies on volunteers and our parent volunteers are the people that make the meets possible. While in a perfect world there would be time and opportunity to have everyone fully and perfectly trained, this is not a perfect world. Therefore, most of the volunteer training occurs on-the-job.

Volunteer Positions:

Announcer: The Announcer uses the PA system to notify the swimmers what event is being swum currently and what the next two events are. Announces first, second and final calls for each event; plays music during swims; and makes other various announcements throughout the meet such as acknowledging our sponsors, promoting concession and swim shop items, and recognizing record breakers. This position works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. The Announcer is a critical position to our team and we need several people trained so that the meets aren’t disrupted and move quickly. **Must provide your own music on your phone. Two Shift position

Computer Helper: This position works with the Computer Rep to verify that the official time recorded on the Event Card matches the time entered into the computer. Two shift position.

Concessions:This position works at the Concession stand selling drinks and snacks to parents and swimmers. There is preparation work needed on Saturday morning at swimmer check in and clean up after the meet. Two Shift position.

Dolphin Timing Systems Coordinator:

Event Board/Meet Bop: This position works the event board and runs the MeetBop app by changing Events and Heats of Strokes as they occur. Two shift position. Volunteer for this position will need a wifi-enabled smart phone or tablet (android or apple)and charger.

Exchange Judge: This position makes sure the exchange between swimmers during the relays is legal. This position requires certification, which is provided by training from the Team Coach and the Northwest Swim Circuit. Required to attend an Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season. The relays are held at the beginning and the end of the meet. Two Shift position.

Head Timer: Head Timer is responsible for running two stop watches for use as backups during each heat of each event should a LANE TIMER'S watch malfunction. Head Timer has the authority to remove and replace any LANE TIMER, with the approval of the Home Meet Director. This position requires certification, which is provided by training from the Team Coach and from the Northwest Swim Circuit. Required to attend an Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season. Two Shift position.

Heat Ribbons:This position awards "Heat Winner" ribbons to swimmers who win an individual heat within an event, regardless of disqualification or final standing. Two Shift position.

Hospitality:This position provides coaches, officials and timers (all on deck volunteers) with water.Two Shift position.

Merchandise:Works at the merchandise table helping to sell and collect money for Hurricane merchandise.Two Shift position.

Photographer: This position works the entire meet, photographing the swimmers during races, candid shots of swimmers, families and volunteers around the meet. Upload photos onto the Hurricanes Shutterfly account. **MUST HAVE YOUR OWN CAMERA

Ready Bench: This position involves up the swimmers by event, heat, and lane and gets them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. This is a fast paced volunteer position that requires an audible voice, be organized and able to organize people quickly, and be able to react quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Two Shift position.

Ribbons: This position works with the Scorers and the Computer Representative to make sure the printed labels are attached to the appropriate Ribbons, sorts and files ribbons into swimmer file folder. This job requires you to keep working for a short while after the meet is over.

Runner: This position makes sure the Event Cards are distributed to the Timers before the event and are picked up from the Timers after the event. They are also responsible for taking Disqualification Forms from the Stroke Judges & Exchange Judges (during relays) to the Scoring Table. This is a very active position and needs someone who can be on his or her feet for a couple hours. Two Shift position.

Scoring Table: Scorers write the official time on the Event Cards, organize the cards for data entry into the computer program, and attach Disqualification Forms to the appropriate Event Cards. Two Shift position.

Set-Up Friday Night: This position helps with set up of pool deck equipment on Friday night prior to a home meet. This position requires heavy lifting. One Shift Position

Set-Up Saturday Morning: This position requires you to arrive early prior to the meet start and prior to swimmer check in. Volunteers for home meets help set up the of the pool equipment on the pool deck and the Age Group Tents, please help unload the equipment & tents from our transport vehicle. This position requires heavy lifting. One Shift Position

Starter: The Starter announces the event about to be swam, calls the swimmers to the starting blocks, and begins the race by using a tone button starter system. This position requires certification, which is provided by training from the Team Coach, and by attending a Circuit Clinic. Required to attend an Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season. This is a critical position and we are looking for several volunteers to provide backup when necessary. Two Shift position.

Stroke Judge: This position watches the swimmers from both teams during the event to make sure they are swimming the strokes legally. Disqualification Forms are filled out and initialed by the stroke judge for swimmers who are not swimming legally. This position requires certification, which is provided by training from the Team Coach and from the Northwest Swim Circuit. Required to attend an Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season.Two Shift position.

Teardown: This position requires you to stay past the end of the meet. For Home meets volunteers help teardown the Pool Deck Equipment and Age Group Tents. Please load the tents into our transport vehicle and the equipment into the shed. Heavy lifting is required. One Shift Position.

Tent Parent: Hurricane swimmers sit together in their age groups during the meets and the Age Group Parent supervises the tent for a particular age group during meets; marks arms of swimmers with event/heat/lane, keeps track of swimmers between events, and gets swimmers to the Ready Bench on time with caps and goggles. For the younger age groups, this job may also involve making sure the swimmers eat, hydrate, and use the restroom at appropriate times so as not to miss their races. One Shift position.

Timer: Timers are responsible for using a stopwatch to time the swimmers in their event and writing it on their Event Card. This position needs someone who can stand in the sun for the extent of their shift (approx. 2 - 2.5 hours). Two Shift position.

Parent Volunteer Requirement

Hurricane families must volunteer a minimum of 18-24 hours (official hours required depends on final registration numbers) per swim season regardless of whether the swimmer swims at a Saturday meet. The family with 0 volunteer hours by the sign up period for the second dual swim meet may not be eligible to come to practice or swim at the third dual swim until the family has signed up for two volunteer shifts for the third meet. Note: The Red/White Time Trials counts as the first meet.

A penalty/fine of $20 per unfulfilled volunteer hour will be assessed for failure to meet the parent volunteer requirement by the last meet of the swim season (the Divisional Meet). The fee will be prorated for any unfulfilled volunteer hours and must be paid by July 31st.

Outstanding penalities/fines must be paid for a swimmer to join the Hurricanes the following year. 

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